‘The President Is Lying’: U.S. Senator Directly Confronts President Joe Biden’s Claims During Heated Hearing

Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming directly grilled Deputy Secretary of the Interior Tommy Beaudreau over Joe Biden’s lies.

Biden previously said that he would end oil drilling in the United States. At the same time, Biden denied that he was slowing the production of energy.

Barrasso said these two statements are clearly contradictory, proving Biden is a liar.

“When was he lying, which was the lie? Because the president is blatantly lying,” Barrasso askedBeaudreau. “Which is it?”

“So, Senator, I believe, as you are aware, production on public lands, both onshore and offshore, has not ceased,” Beaudreau responded.

“In fact, under this administration, production levels on public lands have increased to over a billion barrels per year — and this is just EIA data.”

Biden initially denied that he blocked energy production on federal lands on June 22.

Biden later said “there is no more drilling” during a November 7th political event.

“So, when the president says, ‘no more drilling, there is no more drilling,’ he is lying.”

“That’s a direct lie to the American people by the president of the United States,” Barrasso pressed Beaudreau further.

“So I don’t, you know, I can’t comment on a quote out of context, but clearly, there is ongoing drilling as well as production on public lands,” Beaudreau answered.

The price of gas per gallon has increased significantly since Biden took office.

SOURCE: https://www.breakingreports.org/archives/677374