Biden gets serious advice: ‘Wipe that self-satisfied grin off your face’

‘The people deserve better than his snide and sniveling antics’

After Joe Biden laughed and smirked at reporters asking him questions about the classified documents he – apparently illegally – stored at the Penn Biden Center and at his home, next to his collectible Corvette, he got some advice from a popular British commentator.

“Wipe that self-satisfied grin off you face,” wrote David Marcus, in a column at the Daily Mail.

“We all recall Donald Trump being pilloried for calling the media ‘the enemy of the American people,’ but at least he took their questions. So why does cranky Grandpa Joe get a pass for his derisive approach to the men and women tasked with keeping the American people informed?”

The column continued:

When Biden claps back at those pressing him it’s not about the institution of journalism, but rather outrage that these petulant practitioners of the Q and A have the nerve to even question him at all.

He’s mean-spirited. Nasty.

By Biden’s way of thinking any question that challenges him, and let’s be honest, aside from [Fox News’ Peter] Doocy they are few and far between, must either be the result of a reporter acting in bad faith or just being stupid.

This is a very dangerous attitude for the most powerful man in the country to have. It may give some insight into why on almost every issue from the border, to the economy, to energy policy, and all the rest his administration never pivots, never adjusts to facts on the ground.

He explained, “This attitude of cavalier disdain has never been more galling than it is right now as Biden faces legitimate questions about the most serious scandal of his career. His lawyers have all but admitted he broke the law, but Joe thinks these young whippersnapping reporters should just keep quiet as a special counsel works out what happened in some dark corner of the Department of Justice.”

“The people deserve better than Biden’s snide and sniveling antics with the press. They deserve a president who understands he isn’t an infallible Pope, but a politician with a responsibility to answer tough questions.”

He said, “Grow a spine Mr. President, Americans want answers. And for God’s sake, wipe that self-satisfied grin off your face.”