Chuck Schumer Says Biden Corruption Doesn’t Matter

In an interview with MSNBC, Chuck Schumer argued that the Biden family corruption does not matter to the American people.

Footage of the interview captured by RNC Research shows the Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer giving his thoughts on the Hunter Biden scandals and how they have been linked to Joe Biden via testimonies. The Biden family has been under much scrutiny for recent findings surrounding the corruption of Hunter Biden.

Schumer made sure to tell the reporters at MSNBC, that: “These investigations, they don’t matter to the average American people.” These investigations that Chuck is claiming ‘average Americans’ do not care about happen to involve the corruption of government and the misuse of political power.

Chuck Schumer Says Biden Corruption Doesn’t Matter (Video)

The investigations that ‘don’t matter’ to Americans are discovering evidence that suggests that Joe Biden, while US Vice President, has been involved with illegal foreign dealings that funneled his son tens of millions of dollars. An act that could be considered treason. A recent testimony was given by Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, who shared that Joe Biden was in on 20 calls in Hunter’s business deals.

Some have tried to cover up the facts arguing in all seriousness, that Joe Biden was merely on the phone with these foreign officials and Hunter to ‘talk about the weather.’ Instead of this ineffective tactic, Chuck proceeded to claim: “This is the Right Wing, the hard right wing talking to each other, let them keep talking to each other, we’re talking to the American people,” in order to dismiss the gravity of these issues entirely. In the case that an individual with the authority of US Vice President or of US President could be involved in treason, it would surely matter to all Americans.