Illegal Migrants Refuse to Leave New York High School

I was never much of a fan of Greg Abbott, but by shipping illegals coming over the border to Texas to blue shitholes like New York has turned out to be absolutely brilliant. Illegal migrants in New York are now refusing to leave a high school they were housed in as clown Eric Adams tries to ship them Long Island.

Residents in Staten Island yelled at asylum seekers to go home after officials tried to convert a former high school into a shelter for migrants in the latest battle of the immigration crisis.Officials had sent about 50 migrants to St. John Villa Academy in Arrochar and had planned to send a total of 300 migrants, but they met with furious resistance from residents and local officials.Hundreds of community members protested against the plans on Wednesday and claimed that the shelter would bring crime and endanger their children.On Friday, residents yelled at migrants as they got off a bus and arrived at the shelter. One man could be heard yelling, “Go home!” and “You’re not welcome!” Some of the migrants chose to leave as a result of the rancor.Officials then successfully petitioned for a judgment to stop the shelter, but the remaining migrants have refused to leave.