“That’s Game Over”: Joe Rogan Exposes Reason Behind Leftist Elite Push for Government Digital Currency

The latest theory that is a conspiracy today so it can become mainstream Democrat policy tomorrow is digital currency. Is the Left saying verbatim, “We are going to use digital currency to control what you are allowed to buy?” No. Would any of you put it past them? Also no. Joe Rogan isn’t falling for it. And neither is Post Malone.

Last time it was government mandates. Malone, who looks like lost his pandemic weight, was hoping for Rogan to opine on the idea of a government digital currency. Rogan opined his ass off.“No f*cking way. No way. That’s what I think. I think that’s checkmate. That’s game over. Because if they apply that to a social credit score — if they decide somehow or another that you need some social credit score system and it’s for the benefit of society, and they outline that, they can track your behavior and your tweets and all your things … They just decided you fucked up, and the rules are the rules.”

Apropos of nothing, put Post Malone’s cut with Noah Kahan “Dial Drunk” on one of your playlists:

The idea of a “cashless” society is a controversial one. The Associated Press has issued a “fact” “check” claiming a video showing an elitist telling you the coming digital cashless society will be regulated and undesirable purchases will be controlled is misleading and out of context. They also claimed Democrats didn’t want to ban gas stoves. The fact that these words are even being said out loud is the problem.

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantispromises on day one, he is banning central bank digital currencies. “I think it’s a huge threat to freedom. I think it’s a huge threat to privacy … it will allow [elitists] to block what they consider to be undesirable purchases, like too much fuel, … they just won’t let the transaction go through. [Or on] ammunition.”

Remember, there is no evidence Democrats are going to this. Only the words that progressives say out loud saying it could be a good idea. And conservatives seizing on those words.

Global corporations are getting in on it too. Amazon has a new service, Amazon One, where they scan your hand, tie your credit card to your hand, then let you buy groceries simply by waving your hands on a scanner. Please remember, this is the same Amazon that shut a man’s Amazon smart home down when he was accused of using a racial slur. The man wasn’t home at the time, therefore he didn’t. It took days before he could speak to a human to get his devices — that he thought he owned — restored.

So again, is the Democrat Party admitting out loud, word for word, “We are going to use digital currency to control what you are allowed to buy?” No. Would any of you put it past themAlso no. After the past few years, YOU’D be the conspiracy theorist if you trusted them.