Watch: Kathy Hochul Wants Illegals to Go to Another Country. Hey, Remember When She Begged Them to Come Here?

Watch: Kathy Hochul wants illegals to go to another country. Hey, remember when she begged them to come here?

Kathy Hochul. I hate her. Not as much as New York Rangers fans. Or Buffalo Bills fans.

But she still sucks. Unfortunately, it’s New York where progressive extremists living on top of each other in Manhattan and Brooklyn dictate the rest of the state, so she gets elected governor regardless of how terrible she is. She owns the current migrant crisis.

Though, it appears Gov. Hochul-Colter embraces Tucker Carlson’s “white replacement theory.” That is, if you replace “white” with “NYers.” Lady Pat Buchanan sent a message recently that illegal migrants seeking asylum need to pick another country.

Good point. Hey, remember when you were begging illegal migrants to come here? After all, something something Statue of Liberty something something “no human being is illegal.” Plus think of the restaurants! I don’t know what it is about leftist broads equating marginalized people with food. It’s as if that’s all they think they’re good for, other than being manipulated into voting Democrat.