‘Way To Cheat Bro’: Transgender High School Runner Who Ranked 172nd in Boys Category Ranks 4th In Girls Standings

Transgender sophomore trounces female competitors in 5k track meet, bumping 10th and 20th place finishers from securing winning positions.

A high school runner in Maine who transitioned from male to female is sparking outrage after he scored 4th place rankings competing as a girl, despite being ranked 172nd when he ran as a boy last year.

Footage from a 5k Maine XC Festival of Champions race last week shows Maine Coast Waldorf School sophomore runner Soren Stark-Chessa finishing in 5th place, displacing a biological female from securing a position.

In the video, one onlooker shouts, “Way to cheat bro,” as Stark-Chessa runs by.

The unfair race was chronicled by journalist Shawn McBreairty, who encouraged parents to speak out against the tremendous injustice being done to female athletes.

McBreairty, who hosts the Maine Source of Truth podcast, catalogued on X how Stark-Chessa was performing poorly in boys cross-country racing, ranking 172nd, before deciding to compete as a girl, where he’s now ranked 4th.

“Parents need to know his selfishness will ruin the dreams of young women on Saturday in Belfast, ME at 1:50pm,” warned the podcast host ahead of last week’s race. “Parents need to revolt and call this madness out,” he added.

“Soren Stark-Chessa would have had the 162nd fastest Maine HS boys 5k cross country time, but instead got 5th as a ‘girl’…All it takes is to braid your hair and walk over to the girls side,” McBreairty described.

He added, “The good news is he got spanked by four legitimate girls,” however, he noted the boy’s win means the girl who scored 20th place would be bumped from placing.

Speaking to McBreairty, one female runner said it was frustrating to train and practice only to be outdone by a boy who possesses superior athletic ability.

“It is not fair to a female who has trained hard,” the runner said, adding, “Males are biologically faster than females, with testosterone. They need to run under their biological gender.”

The mother of a runner also spoke up to McBreairty, saying, “Men are simply larger, faster, and stronger than their female counterparts.”

“To compare, the top ranked female high school runner in all of New England would only be ranked 47th among high school boys in Maine.”

Meanwhile, athletic directors at Stark-Chessa’s school dismissed the concerns, declaring, “We support all our students at Maine Coast Waldorf School, and are proud that our students are given the opportunity to participate in all of our school programs.”

Former NCAA Swimmer Riley Gaines, who’s been speaking out on transgenders competing in women’s sports after she herself had to compete against male swimmer Lia Thomas, highlighted the story as another example of woke transgender lunacy gone amok.