TUCKER: Dem Under Felony Investigation For Election Tampering Faces ‘Same Police She Voted To Defund’

Last night Tucker Carlson interviewed Florida Republican James Judge following the news that his opponent, Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor, is facing a felony investigation after she allegedly held a media event at an early voting location.

Judge told Carlson that Castor brazenly entered a polling location and had to be forced out, an allegation – purportedly caught on video – that the Tampa Police Department confirmed to Valiant News it is currently investigating.

“Kathy Castor actually walked into a polling precinct, broke the law, and tried to coerce voters there,” Judge told Carlson. “The media didn’t want to cover it for two days, this program is the first program that actually reached out to line something up last night.”

“Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office is investigating.” Judge confirmed, “There’s actually a criminal investigation going on into my opponent right now.”



Carlson appeared bemused by the idea that a Democrat, who Judge explained “cosponsored legislation to defund the police,” would be under police investigation.

“Well, that’s a felony,” said Carlson, seeming to fight back laughter. “So she’s being investigated by the same police she voted to defund.”

After discussing the apparent absurdity of supporting the “defund the police” movement after the months of civil unrest that followed the death of George Floyd, Judge showed his appreciation for the poll worker who spotted Castor and her media entourage enter the polling station.

“Really,” said Judge, “the unsung hero here is the poll watcher who reported this incident and turned it over.”

He then confirmed, again, “She’s under criminal investigation. I don’t know another member of Congress, right now, who is under criminal felony investigation going into the election.”

“For tampering with an election,” Carlson interjected, humorously. “Maybe the President will point that out since he’s a democracy defender.”

Voters in FL-14 will choose between Judge and Castor on November 8

SOURCE: https://valiantnews.com/2022/11/tucker-dem-under-felony-investigation-for-election-tampering-faces-same-police-she-voted-to-defund/