United Airlines’ CEO Scott Kirby Pushes DEI Over Sky Safety Says United Airlines Employees

With the recent near-death experiences at United Airlines known internally among its employees, UAL’s CEO Scott Kirby has now pumped out a counter-message by placing a video on UAL’s Flying Together internal website.  

The video, which has been aired on CBS Morning show addresses the replacement of experienced white guys with a new demographic.  

What the video does not address is that there are lots of rumors among the staff that UAL’s Aviate Academy in Arizona has many students repeating their training multiple times.

These retrained students are in need to get proficient enough to pass the next phase called the “checkride.”

“The newbies are being pushed through the program because of a demographic, not a trained skill,” said a source. 

Many pilots are trained in the U.S. military, flying academies, and work their way up through the industry from regional to the major airlines. 

Current and retired United Airlines employees are exasperated with Kirby’s attempt to “sell” his narrative and not explain the full story to the public. 

“Many of the unvaccinated with decades of experience of flying do not meet the jab or demographic need of the airline!   UAL is setting up for a hull loss (tragic accident),” says a former United Airlines pilot.  

Original article: https://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/business/2023/03/13/united-airlines-ceo-scott-kirby-pushes-dei-over-sky-safety-says-united-airlines-employees/