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Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said he has to “be careful” that the CIA doesn’t take him out.

Kennedy told podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan that he thinks he would be assassinated by the CIA if elected president — as he has claimed the agency was involved in the assassination of his uncle, the late President John F. Kennedy.

“I gotta be careful,” Kennedy said. “I’m aware of that, you know, I’m aware of that danger. I don’t live in fear of it at all.”

“But I’m not stupid about it, and I take precautions,” he added.

Kennedy said the military, intelligence community and his uncle were “at war” with each other during the JFK’s presidency and that the two entities were “trying to trick” the late president into deploying troops to various countries, including Cuba and Vietnam.

The Democratic presidential candidate added that his uncle was so fed up with the CIA that he wanted to “shatter” the agency and “scatter it to the winds.”

Kennedy’s comments come as he maintains a distant second place among Democrats yet carrying double-digit support against President Biden in several polls.

Biden appears able to cruise to win his nomination, especially since the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has said it will not hold primary debates — which is customary for incumbent presidents running for re-election.

But Kennedy’s consistent polling numbers and growing support could inspire a third-party challenger who might siphon votes away from Biden.