Tucker Carlson Releases Full Unedited Interview With Andrew Tate

Former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is still a hit, just in a different space. Namely, his own.

Love him or hate him, Carlson continues to make news as much as ever, perhaps more, with big-name interviews and strong commentary. The latest example came when Carlson interviewed four-time world kickboxing champion and former Big Brother contestant Andrew Tate, widely known for some contentious viewpoints.

That unedited interview is now available in its entirety, drawing ire from much of the mainstream media.

The interview, available on YouTube and other spots (and embedded below), was viewed favorably by some, completely picked apart and ripped apart by others.

“In an era when public figures often find themselves involved in scandalous events or ideological debates, the unabridged release of Carlson’s and Tate’s discussion offered a unique perspective, highlighting the importance of context and the potential dangers of selective editing,” Trending Politics wrote.

Meanwhile, far-left music publication Rolling Stone (yes, it still exists) called the interview “nauseating.”

Also, Daily Beast activist/writer Justin Baragona tweeted the following:

“After lamenting about how young men are now withdrawing into porn, Tucker Carlson then proceeds to sympathetically interview an unapologetic pornographer — for two and a half hours!”

Of course, the richest media personalities are the kinds that take risks and interview people who they don’t necessarily agree with. This is the difference between Carlson and many of the lower-paid journalists who seemingly get laid off every six months.

As for Tate, charges involving him revolve around allegations that he and his brother “convinced women to create TikTok accounts for financial gain,” Trending Politics relayed.

Tate responded to some of those concerns in the interview.

“It’s scary to imagine you’re a full-grown man anywhere in the world today, they can find two girls who have TikTok on their phone, which is every single female on the planet and they can accuse you of forcing them to take the TikTok money,” he said.

Source: https://rare.us/rare-news/tucker-carlson-releases-full-unedited-interview-with-andrew-tate/